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Postdoc grants

8 Juillet 2014 , Rédigé par Bioécologie Publié dans #Thèses - Post-doc - Emploi - Bourse

Postdoc grants

Who Is Eligible?

  • Applicants must be holders of a PhD diploma. They can apply until up to 8 years after obtaining their PhD.

  • The research work has to be carried out in a different country from where the applicant has been principally (>12 months) working in the 24 months preceding the call deadline.

  • Under the AFR scheme, early-stage researchers are eligible for the AFR PhD grant and consecutively for the AFR Postdoc grant (under the condition that they respect a mobility clause).

The AFR programme has no thematic limitations and is open to all researchers, regardless of their nationality, desirous to engage into research training in Luxembourg or abroad. In the selection process, the interest of the project in the context of Luxembourg R&D will nevertheless be evaluated.

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