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Giant Beach Worms

12 Novembre 2009 , Rédigé par JMB Publié dans #Bioturbation

Giant Beach Worms (Australonuphis teres) are long and thin. They can grow up 2.5 m long. They have hundreds of body segments. They have short tentacles near their head.

They live around eastern and southern Australia, and are found in sandy beaches at the low water mark. The worms live under the sand.

Giant Beach Worms eat dead fish, seaweed, dead octopuses and Pipis. They come out of the sand only to feed. They poke their heads out of the sand and grab the food in their jaws and eat it.

Fish and birds eat Giant Beach Worms. People fishing collect Giant Beach Worms for bait.

Giant Beach Worms are rarely seen as they only come out of the sand to feed. They live hidden in the sand in burrows or in tubes that they make.

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