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27 Janvier 2010 , Rédigé par JMB Publié dans #Organismes de laboratoire

What is AlgaeBase?

AlgaeBase is a database of information on algae that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms. At present, the data for the marine algae, particularly seaweeds, are the most complete. For convenience, we have included the sea-grasses even though they are flowering plants.


AlgaeBase is often a compromise of taxonomic opinions that may or may not reflect your particular conclusions. It is also a work in progress, and much of the data is incomplete. Feel free to use the information and images included here, but do please cite AlgaeBase in your publications or presentations. This helps to raise money in order to maintain the service. Please also realise that AlgaeBase is made available in its incomplete form and is purely meant as a aid to taxonomic studies and not a definitive source in its own right. You should always check the information included prior to use.


Many organisations and people have, funded supported and contributed to AlgaeBase since its small beginnings on 20 March 1996. A full list is here.

More informations here

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