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20 Mars 2009 , Rédigé par JMB Publié dans #A voir - à écouter

Since 1984, Island Press has been a trusted source of environmental information and solutions. We publish the best new ideas about how to protect the environment—and work tirelessly to spread those ideas to help people make a positive difference in the world.

Each year, we publish 40 new books on such vital topics as conservation biology, marine science, land conservation, green building, sustainable agriculture, climate change, and ecological restoration.

But we are much more than a book publisher. Island Press authors and experts inform and inspire change by reaching out to millions of people through the press, online, in the classroom, and in person.  We host conferences, teach courses, and speak in the community on relevant environmental issues.

Today, with more than 800 titles in print, an active slate of author programs and events, and a growing online presence, we have emerged as the nation’s leading publisher of books on environmental issues and a leading communicator of environmental ideas.  

All of this is possible because Island Press has helped to create a community of teachers, scientists, policymakers, communicators, and citizen activists who are passionate about sharing knowledge and promoting better stewardship of the natural world.   

“Island Press is increasingly the publisher of record in all aspects of the environment, a source of excellent books that range from science to public policy.”—Edward O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

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