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How can we make better graphs?

8 Novembre 2018 , Rédigé par Bioécologie Publié dans #Statistique - modélisation - plans expérimentaux, #Livres - revues - thèses - rapports...


“There is no single statistical tool that is as powerful as a well‐chosen graph” previous study. Graphics are at the core of exploring and understanding data, communicating results and conclusions, and supporting decision‐making. Increasing our graphical expertise can significantly strengthen our impact as professional statisticians and quantitative scientists.

In this article, we present a concerted effort to improve the way we create graphics at Novartis. We provide our vision and guiding principles, before describing seven work packages in more detail. The actions, principles, and experiences laid out in this paper are applicable generally, also beyond drug development, which is our field of work. The purpose of this article is to share our experiences and help foster the use of good graphs in pharmaceutical statistics and beyond.

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How can we make better graphs?
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