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Twitter and your Research Program: tweeting your publications

18 Octobre 2018 , Rédigé par Bioécologie Publié dans #Livres - revues - thèses - rapports...

Author: Alex Smith  October 16, 2018 @Alex_Smith_Ants

Why tweet your research? Why? SO MANY REASONS! There has been a flurry of research activity in the past year (much of it from Canadian scientists on Twitter) that details some of the benefits to science and society of scientists using this social media platform.  For one, you are not just preaching your message to the choir – you are reaching people outside that ivory-tower-choir (Cote and Darling 2018). This pulpit provides the opportunity for you to talk about you and your research to (potentially) a much wider audience!  Lamb et al (2018) recently demonstrated that efforts put into scientific communication and outreach on Twitter and eventual citations are related.  Humanising the scientific process and the scientists fortunate enough to be spend time doing it is valuable both to society at large – and also to the scientists (Yammine et al 2018).  Finally, you can curate your Twitter feed to ensure that your social media  ‘hallway’ looks a little more like the world at large than many academic hallways.  Groups and voices that have traditionally been marginalised in many academic departments can come to the forefront via Twitter.

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Twitter and your Research Program: tweeting your publications
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