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WAMWiki: the wild animal models wiki

5 Juillet 2017 , Rédigé par Bioécologie Publié dans #Matériels et Méthodes, #Livres - revues - thèses - rapports..., #Chercheurs - projets de recherche...

WAMwiki is an on-line resource containing information and resources for anyone interested in learning more about and applying quantitative genetic methods - but especially for those interested in using quantitative genetics in natural populations.

Recent discussions at the Wild Animal Model BienniAl Meeting (WAMBAM 3) and work on a guide to the animal model for ecologists encouraged us to set up this wiki to allow the community of researchers working on wild populations to share their experience and tips for data analysis. We chose to develop a wiki as we would like the site to act as an easy and flexible way to share knowledge.

WAMWiki: the wild animal models wiki
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