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JEF : Functional Ecology Conference / Journées d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle AnaEE France

6 Mars 2017 , Rédigé par Bioécologie Publié dans #Colloques - conférences

28-31 Mars 2017 La Grande Motte (near Montpellier) (France)

Conference theme

This Functional Ecology conference will present the latest research on how organisms acquire and then make use of resources in metabolism, movement, growth, reproduction, as well as on how ecosystems cycle, store or lose resources through biotic and abiotic processes. The impacts of climate and anthropogenic changes on these processes will also be at the heart of the conference. There will be 5 predefined sessions as well as open sessions (for details, see the tag Sessions and keynotes):

  1. Species responses to climate change and resource availability: flexibility mechanisms from the individual to the population;
  2. Stoichiometry of biogeochemical cycles at various scales;
  3. Functional ecology and agro-ecology: deepening the links;
  4. Enhancing the dialogue between modellers and experimentalists;
  5. Emerging approaches and tools in functional ecology;
  6. Open sessions (for presentations out of the abovethemes)

Submission of oral or poster presentations is open until March 7th. All presentations will be in English. Keynotes presentations 30 mn + 10mn discussion. Regular ones 10-15 mn + 5 mn discussion. The submission tag appears once you are logged in. A template for the submission of the abstracts (400-500 words) becomes available at the step 3 (File) of the submission process (top of the page).    Contact: jacques.roy@cnrs.fr

JEF : Functional Ecology Conference / Journées d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle AnaEE France
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