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Limnology & Oceanography:The Top 60 Papers from the First 60 Years of L&O

3 Novembre 2016 , Rédigé par Bioécologie Publié dans #Livres - revues - thèses - rapports..., #Océanographie

With this first ever virtual issue of Limnology & Oceanography, we celebrate 60 years of the journal by bringing together 60 of the most cited papers published in the journal.  After leading with the announcement for L&O in the first issue in 1956 by the ASLO-President Alfred Redfield, the virtual issue presents the top 5 most cited papers from the 1950s, then the top 10 most cited papers for each subsequent decade through 2009, and finally the top 5 most cited papers since 2010.  We chose this approach rather than simply publishing the top 60 papers across the entire time of the journal so as to best reflect what the community of limnologists and oceanographers have found most interesting and valuable over time.  Within each decade, the papers are listed in their order of citation, with the most cited presented first. These top 60 papers are truly the choice of the community as reflected by the extent of citation.  This is an extraordinary collection that any practitioner or student of aquatic sciences will want to read.  

Read Top 60 Papers from the First 60 Years of L&O Virtual Issue Here

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