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Course: "Experimental evolution: theory and current practices”

23 Juillet 2015 , Rédigé par Bioécologie Publié dans #Thèses - Post-doc - Emploi - Bourse, #Cours...

The International Graduate Program in Life Sciences and the Interdisciplinary Master in Life Sciences (IMaLis) are now accepting applications for the course "Experimental evolution: theory and current practices”, to be held at the Institute of Biology of the École Normale Supérieure (IBENS), in Paris, November 9-13, 2015.

The course will introduce Master and PhD students in Evolutionary Biology to the experimental approaches employed to test theory. It will bring together world-renowned researchers to lecture on topics including the historical development of experimental evolution, experimental design, the evolution of sexuality, origin of multicellularity and sociality, the genetic basis of adaptation to novel environments, etc.

Lectures will be complemented with computer projects on the analysis of population genomics data.

The course will be restricted to a maximum of 10 students. Meal and accommodation costs will be covered and there is no registration fee.

Upon successful completion of the course, European students will be awarded 6 ECTS.

Faculty: Charlie Baer (University of Florida U.S.A.); Ivo Chelo (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência Portugal) ; Antony Dean (University of Minnesota U.S.A.); Marie-Anne Félix (IBENS) ; Regis Ferrière (IBENS); Duncan Greig (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology Germany), Thiago Guzella (IBENS); Philippe Nghe (ESPCI France); Paul Rainey (Institute for Advanced Study New Zealand); Christian Schlötterer (Institut für Populationsgenetik Austria); Olivier Tenaillon (Université Paris 7 France); Henrique Teotónio (IBENS); Arjan de Visser (Wageningen UR The Netherlands).

Sponsoring and partner graduate programs: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, ENS, Paris Sciences et Lettres, Partner University Fund – French American Cultural Exchange, Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics.

We will receive applications until October 5, 2015. Applicants should send a letter of motivation and CV as a PDF file to: teotonio@biologie.ens.fr.

We also welcome participants at any stage of their careers to attend the lectures. Meals and accommodation costs will not be covered in this case. Registration is required by sending an email to: teotonio@biologie.fr. We will accept applications on a first come first serve basis, to a maximum of 35.

Further information and updates can be found at http://www.gradprog.biologie.ens.fr/.

Course: "Experimental evolution: theory and current practices”
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