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Human-Carnivore Interactions & Management in the Eastern USA

4 Août 2014 , Rédigé par Bioécologie Publié dans #Colloques - conférences

Black bear. Image credit: Steve Hillebrand/USFWS
Black bear. Image credit: Steve Hillebrand/USFWS

The eastern US is densely populated and is primarily privately-owned lands, presenting challenging human-wildlife interactions, particularly involving carnivores. Human-carnivore interactions include perceived and actual threats, changes in recreation opportunities, and increased habituation. However, carnivores can also evoke compassion from the general public and be potential solutions to other types of conflicts. Managing human-wildlife interactions requires an understanding of the species and system ecology, public education, and increasingly creative situation-specific solutions. Our workshop will be a problem solving-based exercise composed of mini-sessions lead by subject area experts, student researchers, and state biologists presenting case-studies, current methods of management, and facilitated breakout sessions for innovative solutions. The three case studies will focus on 1) strategies for minimizing human-bear interactions in suburban environments, 2) gaining public support for bobcat conservation as an approach to managing deer, and 3) communication of perceived and real conflict and management of expectations with coyotes. The goal of the workshop is to educate participants on current human-wildlife issues, create an environment for critical thinking and innovative solutions, to equip participants with tools required to interface with the public, and facilitate discussion on how to address carnivore conflicts in an increasingly human-populated landscape.

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