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4th Nereis Park Conference

5 Juillet 2014,

Publié par Bioécologie

4th Nereis Park Conference

The purpose of Nereis Park is to strengthen collaboration and knowledge exchange between scientists studying the bioturbation processes induced by the King Nereis, other animals and vegetal organisms in sediments and soils.

Monday 7 July 2014 - Thursday 10 July 2014, Plymouth (UK)

Provisional themes
- Novel methods for quantifying and visualising bioturbation
- Integration of bioturbation into models
- Impact of environmental change on bioturbators and bioturbation rates
- Estimating the value of bioturbation as an ecosystem service
- Interactions between bioturbators and microbes
- Beyond quantification of particle and fluid transport: quantification of organism-sediment interactions
- Integrating knowledge: scaling up from experiments

For full details please click here

Registration is now closed
For enquiries please contact James Johnson at: forinfo@pml.ac.

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